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How Gen Z Kids are Different from Their Millennial Parents

Tech-savvy kid with gadgets

Until recently, people did not pay much attention to the differences between generations because not so many things have been changing even during couple decades. Hence, every next generation resembled the previous time. However, with the burst of technologies, the differences between people born in different technological epochs became more evident.

For parents, knowing dissimilarities between Millenials (Generation Y) and Centennials (Generation Z) is essential for understanding their kids, building a harmonious relationship and effective leadership.

First and foremost, let’s figure out, who Generation Z? These are all people born after 1997-1998 and up until now. It is more than a quarter of all U.S. population, and their endow to the American economy is no less than $44 billion. By 2020 more than a third of American citizens will be a part of Generation Z. Millenials are their forerunners and – parents.

There are several essential differences between these two generations that any Generation Y adult should bring into notion:

  • Unfocused

People of Gen Z are surrounded by information; they can work with data more efficiently rather than any other generation. On the other hand, it is hard for them to focus on one particular thing, their attention permanently jumps from one activity or information to another.

  • Multitasking

Gen Z knows technologies and takes them to their advantage. Instead of focusing on one task, Centennials surround themselves with gadgets that perform all necessary processes for different tasks simultaneously. Such abilities can be efficiently applied in offices where the concentration of gadgets per square foot is over the top.

Teen girls with smartphones
  • Tending to skip higher education

Gen Z can be characterized as a generation of diploma-free people because more and more teens skip college or a university. Instead, they start working, double-jobbing work and at the same time study online, or rejecting high education at all. Today there are plenty of opportunities – cheap or even free – that allow getting knowledge without paying a fortune for a diploma. So if there is a chance to make a shortcut and get what they want, people of Gen Z will definitely use it.

  • More entrepreneurial approach

The Internet, technologies, new tools and methods have brought up a generation with an entrepreneurial spirit. 72% of teens would like to start their own business. That means that such people are willing and able to have more independent work environment.

  • Gen Z are searching for appreciation

Millenials remember the world without all that fancy gadgets, though Gen Z’s take them for granted. As a result, any business they select should treat them like kings. Otherwise, they will change the business as there are many alternatives.

  • Individuality is the king

Almost all (92%) Gen Z’s have an account on the social media and they always search for the ways to stand out from the crowd. This approach spreads on all spheres of their life; as a result, they prefer to deal with unique businesses, brands, and employers.

  • Globality

Millenials were the first generation that took advantage of the Internet, but Gen Z took globality to another level. Global culture, trends, fashion, and lifestyle are shared by teens worldwide, and they understand peers from other countries better than adults in their own.

Youngsters today are addicted to their digital devices. Of course, Millenials are also fans of cool gadgets. However, Gen Z’s conceive smartphones as the extension of their arms. It is impossible to imagine a Gen Z’er without his devices and technologies.

Take a look at this short video to for a better understanding about differences between Generation Z and Generation Y:


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