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What Makes Teen Try Banned Substances?

No one can say for sure the one and the only reason why every teen wishes or actually tries drugs or alcohol. However, there are several issues, influences, and desires that may encourage them to do so. That is why parents should pay attention to these problems, discuss them with their children and prevent them from using drugs and alcohol.

Influence of the society

Take a look around. There are so many people who consume alcohol drinks, smoke or use drugs. All teens see it every day even without an intention to do so. Marijuana is a separate issue. Usually, parties that are held without parents’ supervision are filled with drinks and marijuana, and teens see nothing wrong in it. Why not? Everyone enjoys it and they consider such behavior normal.


Ads and TV inculcate the idea of popularity of the lifestyle with a glass of alcohol in hand and a cigarette in the corner of the mouth. Music, clips, movies show that it is fine and funny to smoke or drink. So, you should pay more attention to the type of media content your children consume.

The escape

If there is an issue and the teen feels unhappy, it may be difficult to find a solution and healthy way to blow off steam. Then he or she will use unhealthy ways, like drugs and drinks to cope with the situation. Drugs can give a fleeting feeling of escape, help get rid of depression and problems. No wonder many teenagers are carried away by the sense of relaxation or hyperactivity drugs cause. For example, teens use stimulants (that are usually prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) to receive more energy.

The way of keeping oneself occupied

Teens who search for adrenaline buzz are the first candidates for substance use. With their help, teens are entertaining themselves and searching for communication with teens that have the same interests.

A way to rebel

Teens who have problems with parents often drink alcohol or take drugs. There are several reasons for it: alcohol fishes out all aggression that a teen has inside and so does methamphetamine. Other drugs like marijuana or prescription medicine allow teens to relax and on the contrary to alcohol reduce aggressiveness. Hallucinogens are the ticket to fairy-tale worlds that is more idealistic and stress-free. Many youngsters who have problems with parents prefer to escape to their own small world. Also, cigarettes are a great way to annoy parents, teens know it and take advantage of it.

Speedwork of drugs and drinks

There is no need to build up the way to newer happier life or painfully search for solving the problems. Consuming of drugs and alcohol brings a false feeling of happiness at once.

Lack of confidence

Alcohol makes shy teens feel more relaxed and self-assertive. They conceive it as a way of building confidence. More than that, even those teens who do not suffer from low self-esteem drink alcohol or smoke weeds. Sometimes they do it to impress friends. They can be afraid to do something that may be considered as stupid as intoxication serves as an excuse for any strange actions.


Many teens do not understand all danger that drugs bring as they know only “positive” sides of it or think. Tell your children about repercussions of alcohol and drug consuming.

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