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The Influence of Music on Child’s Development

Children discover a magnificent world of music shortly after their birth. It all starts with lullabies. Listening to calm and soothing melodies comforts them and helps establish a strong bond with a mother. But the influence of music goes far beyond that. Everyone knows that music is a universal language. It impacts all aspects of child's development: social, cognitive, emotional, and lingual. It exerts its positive effect on children of all ages. How? Take a closer look at the latest findings on the subject to discover.


Music and Infants’ Development

Infants begin to learn the external world through sounds, too. Their ears are sensitive to all noises around. That's why music is supposed to be peaceful and gentle. Sure, singing a lullaby with a soft voice would be the best decision. Being already familiar with the mother’s voice, infants will feel safe and protected. This will produce a soothing effect on them. Although newborns don’t understand the words, they are already able to recognize melodies. So make sure to equip yourself with a set of short and tranquil songs. Music is also beneficial for the development of motor skills. Babies try to mimic sounds and move their tiny hands in response to a tune they hear. They do it for fun and with no effort. It is the best way to build new capabilities.


Music and Toddlers’ Growth

Toddlers love music! They start dancing whenever they hear a pleasant melody. Active listening is a key here. Integration of body, mind, and emotions is crucial for child’s healthy development. Encourage your kid to clap hands and move to the beat. Ask them to reproduce some rhythms. Let it be a game for both of you! In this age, learning habits begin to form. So you need to pick simple songs, which are not hard to memorize. Play the same music from time to time so a toddler can easily recognize it. Don’t be afraid to create your own silly songs, using your kid’s name in the lyrics.


Music and Preschoolers’ Progress

It's time to sing! Preschool children express themselves in such a way. They enjoy reproducing words and rhymes. Sure, they can’t control their voice properly. So the sound coming out from their mouths usually reminds a roar. And it’s fine! Try to make up a song with your child. They will be happy to get involved in such a creative process. Since this is the first teamwork experience for them, you should encourage their thoughts and ideas. This will boost their brainpower and grow confidence in them. It would be good to write a song about the objects the kid is familiar with. These can be a pencil, table, toy, etc. Help your child memorize a new song. It’s a good way to improve their memory.


Music and School-Age Kids’ Learning

Most school-age kids are fond of different kinds of music. They aspire to become drummers, guitarists or pianists. If this is about your child, you should do something about it. What about studying at a music school? Music education rocks! First of all, it will teach your child patience. When it comes to playing a musical instrument, there's no such thing as overnight success. You're supposed to work hard day by day to make a go of it. Secondly, it’s beneficial for building social skills. Your child will make new friends at a music school. Thirdly, it's a powerful confidence builder. When children see they are getting better and better, they feel confident and satisfied with their results.



Music and Teenagers’ Growing-Up

Teenagers search for their place in the world. For many of them, music becomes a kind of shelter to stay along with themselves and collect their thoughts. Most teens already have particular tastes in music. There are music idols they want to follow. That's why some adolescents begin to play in musical bands. In this way, they are trying to express themselves and find the right audience. They spend a lot of time in a garage rehearsing their songs. They join in social life, participating in local music festivals. Who knows, maybe this hobby will grow into a lifetime project.

Music contributes to the harmonious development of a child's personality. It enriches their life in all respects. That’s why the sooner you introduce music into your kid’s world, the better.



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