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Exploring Whisper App: Why and How to Whisper?

Social media has more and more cool options and opportunities to talk about what worries or amuses you. Nowadays you can easily find like-minded people who share your interests and hobbies. You can find love and friends. And with Whisper app, you can simply share your story with other users.

What is Whisper? It is the app for anonymous social networking where the main communication happens through posting your confessions, either true or fiction in the form of a picture with the text on it. Everything in the Whisper project is aimed at users’ anonymity, from using nicknames instead of real names to utilizing the app's gallery of pictures and fonts. At the same time, the app can use your location.

Whisper was launched in March 2012, and after two years the cost of the project has reached $200 million and keeps growing. It also inspired other online projects and social media groups, but they failed to provide the level of anonymity Whisper currently guarantees.

Who and how can use Whisper?

To become the participant of Whisper, you need to be 17 or older and own Apple or Android device – that is all. There is a desktop version, though. It has pretty limited functionality as you can only look through Whispers rather than post.

Why is it so unique?

As we mentioned, Whisper is social networking app, but in fact, it denies the main factor of social networks – identity. There are no followers or profiles, and users cannot search for other users. The primary mean of communication is responding to someone’s 'whisper' with your own using the chat function.

With Whisper, you are logged to Whisper app once it is downloaded. Yet, you can set a pin for the app to maintain your security and protect yourself from curious peers.

Why do teens love it?

There are several reasons why kids and teens love the Whisper app. First of all, it gives them the guaranteed anonymity which frees their minds and allows for being themselves. With all the hustle and bustle of the teen age, kids love having the place where they can come to release all their emotions. Also, reading about other people having the same troubles and pains as you sometimes helps.

Some 'whispers' are funny, others terrify you to the bone and make you lose faith in people. This is the simple way to go through catharsis and feel better. An effective medicine for those times when you feel out of place with no reason.

No one can judge you on Whisper because they don’t know who you are.

During the marketing stage, they claimed that Whisper is meant to be something in between Twitter and Snapchat – and it really is. Thus, it attracts the audience from both social media. You create a short message – here it's a picture – and let it fly.

Secrets can be hard to keep – they feel heavy on your soul, and sometimes you cannot help but tell them out. If you use Whisper to tell out confidential information, it would still remain secret as well as your identity.

How do you ‘whisper’?

Creating your 'whisper' is simple – once you have your thought clear, you start typing. The app will suggest the picture that seems relevant to your message and the font itself. You are free either to use the recommended image, or you can upload the one from your phone. Then you publish it. That simple.


Whisper has a strict policy against any type of bullying, so if such happens, the bully can be reported and blocked.

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