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Internet Safety Games for Kids Online Security

Internet Safety Games for Kids Online Security

Plenty of articles out there start with stating the fact that we are living in a technological era, and the Internet together with technologies have become the significant part of our everyday life. And it is true – today we wake up and go to sleep with smartphones in our hands. And toddlers are growing up tech-savvy – some learn how to use YouTube before they even learn how to walk and talk.

This brings us to the issue of online security – digital education everyone is talking about now lacks a great part of the material. Teaching kids how to use particular software is great and useful, but helping your child understand who may be the villain online is just the same important. There are plenty of ways you can teach your kids about online security, but games would be the most effective.

Here you have six most exciting online security games your kids would enjoy and learn from.

OnGuard Online

Quizzes are the great way to teach kids about Internet safety, and the Federal Trade Commission apparently knows how to make the most of them. Their lineup of thirteen different quiz games focuses on wireless security and spyware issues, online auctions and investing. Some are easier, others are more complicated, but they would definitely increase cyber-smartness of your kids, and you as well.

Webonauts Internet Academy

Want to make your kids aware of online security rules? Bring them to the Webonauts Internet Academy. This is one of the coolest online games where your kids would be following the motto ‘Observe, Respect and Contribute’ and would go from the very beginning which is picking up the uniform. The game would teach them about the passwords and personal information, and the extended missions would both entertain and educate them.

Anti-Phishing Phil

Phishing is the trouble for adults – what can you say about kids? Anti-Phishing Phil will teach you and your children about good and bad URLs and the way you can distinguish good from bad ones. Aside from ‘eating’ good URLs, PhishGuru would help you avoid bad links and websites.

Safety Land

What about fighting the villain who is bombing other people with spam-like messages? Safety Land would allow you do that. Your kid would play as Captain Broadband and through numerous questions and game locations, the villain would finally be defeated.

Iggey and Rasper’s Internet Safety Game

If you want your kids to play a nice game and learn more about the security, try the cute and friendly Iggey and Rasper’s Security Game by the Kids.com. It offers series of questions to guide kids through the online etiquette. Simple and effective – what else do you need?

Internet Safety Hangman

Yes – the good old Hangman can also help you and your kids learn about Internet safety and security. All you have to do is to add the keywords and clues to the game and answer all of them to practice your experience and knowledge. This game is perfect for kids who have played the previous games and already learned major facts and rules.

Don’t Scare – Teach!

Parental control software is extremely popular today among parents of toddlers and teens. But the key to their success is teaching your kids about the Internet and online security – when they know all the dangers and pitfalls, they would be able to protect themselves.

The fear – ‘don’t google this or that if you don’t want to get in trouble’ – is not as effective as understanding the difficulties kids may get into. One of the greatest problems if the fear of being punished appears, is that it becomes a traditional reason for children not to talk about online harassment. Be open with your kids about all the perils and show you will support your child anything would happen.

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Alex 04/05/2017 07:56

Nice information

Marry 02/14/2017 08:10

I totally agreed what ever you said. We should know about what is going on in our kids life
Thank you for such blogs