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Parental Monitoring Software that Helps to Stay Safe Online

Parental Monitoring Software that Helps to Stay Safe Online

Apart from teaching your kids essential rules of the Internet security like limitation of info that is appropriate for sharing online to arranging of meetings with online friends only from parents’ permission you have to make sure that your kid is strongly protected online.

Enhanced parental control monitoring will help you to manage and monitor online and offline activities of kids performed with help of their smartphone or tablet and also monitor call logs, messages and GPS location. Here is a list of top 6 applications that can assist you in protecting your children from harassment, cyberbullying, malware and online predators.

  1. Pumpic App

From the point of view of any parent, Pumpic is the best app for kids’ protection as it proposes top notch set of monitoring and managing features. Pumpic cost will pleasantly surprise users, as it is one of the lowest in the sphere. The app monitors calls, messages, emails, IM chats, keylogger, browsing history, contact list and many other features.

As for the remote managing features, Pumpic allows to block unwanted apps and websites, limit number of sent SMS and restrict numbers and keywords.

You will be notified when kid changes SIM, so he won’t be able to call someone without your knowing. Remotely lock the device, so no one will be able to use it in case if the phone is lost or your kid is at school now. Also if it is stolen, you can delete all information from the SD card. You can count on Pumpic help as the Support team works around the clock and accessible through different means of communication. The process of pumpic installation is easy as ABC, so you won’t have problems with it.

  1. Mobile Force Field

This app has a good set of monitoring features, although with its help you will know nothing about received or sent emails, most of IM messages, websites visited by your kid or bookmarks.

The app blocks existing websites, though your kid will be able to download new apps. Also the app do not restricts certain keywords.

The app doesn’t notify parent about SIM change and requires additional anti-theft software as it doesn’t lock or swipe the SD card.

You can contact Support team via email or contact form provided on the site.

  1. MM Guardian

This app has a standard set of monitoring features: call and text messages check, GPS location and browsing history. Still emails and all IM chats are not viewed by the software as well as multimedia files stored on the SD card.

Remote managing possibilities of the app are quite nice: you can limit the access to the apps, block unwanted apps and websites, block certain keywords.

The app allows parent to lock the device so if the device is stolen no one will be able to use it.

The Support team works at fixed hours, so you can contact them via email only.

  1. Parentkit

This app monitors only browsing history and list of applications – nothing else, so if you want to monitor the activities also, you will have to install additional software.

Though this app is good for limiting the usage of the device – you can block websites or inappropriate applications.

The app requires additional anti-theft software.

And you can communicate with the Support team with help of emails or a contact form on the site.

  1. Screentime Labs

This app has mostly managing assignment, that is why it monitors application list only.

Also you can block installed apps and installation of new applications – so kid will be able to install something only after your permission.

Screentime can also lock the device at certain time or for certain period of time – sleep time, for example.

You can send all your questions via email and the app is constantly updating so it will add useful monitoring and managing features in future.

  1. Ignore No More

It is a quite interesting single-purposed app that locks the kid’s device and the kid will have to respond the parents’ call if he want to unlock the phone. The app cannot be disabled so kids cannot ignore the phone calls and messages of parents.

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Alex 03/21/2017 10:49

Outstanding information

Larm Stockholm 07/22/2016 03:43

It looks very useful and easyly to work with it, i am gonna try to download and we will see how it improves the online security, thank you