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Online Rules to Follow for Minors

  • Protect your personal information. Always ask your parents before sharing some personal information. You may not take this serious but having your last name, home address or phone number, scammers or online predators can make a lot of harm to you and your family. You are unindebted to tell someone your name just because someone asked you.
  • Choose a screen name wisely. For example, never ever add your last name or birth date.
  • You can show your password to your parents only. Always log out when you finish work if you work on a public computer.
  • When you decide to share media content like photos or videos, always show them to parents first. Remember, the Internet is unforgiving – when you share there something, it will always be there.
  • Your online friend may be a 40 years old man and not a 13 years old girl – the Internet enables people to pretend to be someone they are not. So if your online friend offers you to meet in real life, ask your parents first.
  • Do not make online purchases without permission. Your parents will be very surprised after receiving huge bills and that can result badly for you. Do not also believe those ads saying that you won something or you can get something for free – click the ad and you will catch a virus or malware to the computer.
  • Do not download files from links sent by unknown user, moreover, it would be ide not to open letters from unknown senders at all. Show that letter to parents.
  • Cyberbullying is prohibited. Never respond to the insulting message if you have received one, better show it to your parents.
  • If you are under age of 13, do not create accounts on the social media. That age requirements were set for a reason, so it is better to follow them.
  • When you are searching for research data, consult with your teacher or librarian about relevant and reliable sources. If you are using information taken from online resources, do not forget to cite it properly.
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