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How to Protect Your Kids Online?

Today the Internet is a perfect tool for entertaining, exploration, learning and communication. However, because of parents’ inattention, the process of browsing through the Internet can end up with troubles for your kids, because there are many hidden threats. There is a possibility to protect kids when they visit various websites or communicate with friends via social media. Here are four helpful parental control apps that can secure online activities of your child:

1. K9 Web Protection

K9 Web Protection is a workable parental control app that provides remote monitoring and management of kid’s web-connected device. With help of the Control Panel of the app parents are able to view the browsing history of the target device, check the time of browsing and set limits on the Internet access: time limits as well as prohibit access to particular websites. It is obvious that it is impossible to foresee and block every single inappropriate website. That is why the app also filters content and prohibits access to websites according to URL keywords.

The device will also alert you when kid will try to get access to prohibited site.

2. Family Safety

This tool is default software for Windows 8 devices. You can create an account to each kid with certain customized security features.

You can also establish parental control settings on hybrid devices that run on Windows 8. Thus you will be able to monitor and manage Internet usage of kids wherever you are.

3. CyberPatrol Parental Controls

CyberPatrol, together with traditional features of parental control software, is able to customize the security settings for different age groups of children, so there is no need for your teen to suffer from restrictions set for toddlers. The service filters not only the obvious things like adult content, but also violence and hateful speech.

4. Minormonitor

This app is focused mainly on the social media. First, the app will notify you if the kid add new friend with no mutual friends. Next, you will know when kid shares a photo or updates status.

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Henri Charles 09/09/2016 11:48

Nice and informational post. Since these days online threats are increasing, parent should take extra care for their children, particularly on their social media accounts. These days cyberbullying is on rise and hence parents and kids should be aware of it.