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Social Networks Attract Online Predators

Social Networks Attract Online Predators

Control Your Kids' Online Activity

Giant social networks like Facebook always attract children who want to fulfil themselves, communicate with their friends and make new ones. Hundreds, thousands, millions of children logging on every day – it is a paradise for sexual predators, don’t you think?

Security officials of the social network highlight that online safety begins at home so it is parents who are responsible for the child’s secure usage of the Internet.

Here are some tips that will make your task easier:

  • Make the screen of your child’s PC easily visible. Just place it somewhere in the common area so you could see the comments and photos of your kid.
  • Warn your children about the potential online perils.
  • Your child should remember not to download pictures from an unknown person.
  • Review the information your kid included on a profile for the social network.
  • Explain your children what photos are appropriate for sharing
  • Teach your child to stop any communication with a person who starts asking questions that are personal or sexually suggestive.
  • One of the most important things: your child should never agree to meet in person someone they met online without a company or in a solitary place.
  • Use parental control application to monitor the online activity of the child. For example, Time Screen to set time limits on the Internet usage or Kids Place, an app that can block applications and websites on the target device. Or you can use Pumpic, an enhanced version of parental control software with multiple features. Here at Pumpic.com it is possible to find more detailed information about this app.

Just follow these tips and you will see that your child is secured!

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