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Sexual Predators in Cyber Space, How to Avoid It

Sexual Predators in Cyber Space, How to Avoid It

For many years now the issue of sexual offenders of kids and the youngsters has remained on our agenda. Much prominence of the society is given to the defense against sexual predators because they are one of the most feared criminals, they are able to manipulate and practice deceit. Since all over the world governments stiffen penalties for sexual offences meeting a child abuser on school playground or in a park an infrequent event. From now on they have moved to cyberspace – the ideal place for those who want to save anonymity and get out from the range of surveillance.

Yes, it is hard to struggle with this kind of criminals, because they are anonymous, can appear out of the thin air and disappear at large of the Internet. But any parent has to be vigilant about the online activity of children and to protect them from sexual predators.

So how to avoid online perils?

You have to build trust-based relations with your children, because online protection is a team work.

  • Talk to your kids! Explain them why is it prohibited to give out personal information to strangers on the street and online.
  • Use applications like Screen Time to control the time and the history of browsing in the Internet
  • Check the profiles of your children to assure yourself that there are no inappropriate photos or personal information. Also look through the list of contacts: children should not talk to strangers.
  • Use parental control applications like Pumpic app to simplify a problem. With its help you will be able to monitor the social media activity, messages, e-mails, calls, the IM chats, multimedia content and many other things. At pumpic.com you can find more detailed information concerning the options of the apps of this kind.
  • Tell children never to respond to messages from strangers
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